My name is Meridyth Rancourt, and I am the Consultant and Instructor of Wandering Taoist Arts.  As of this writing (2018), I am 58 years old.  Since the age of twelve, I have studied the Chinese Martial Arts.   I have been fortunate, over the years, to have met and learned from some of the best Chinese Martial Arts Masters, which I have listed below for your reference.  For over 46 years, I have studied Chinese Internal and External Martial Arts, including longevity and meditative practices.

These arts of self-cultivation have been a blessing to me, as they have allowed me to advance in the study, understanding and appreciation of the Chinese Martial Arts.  Most of all, it has allowed me to meet many fine people, teachers and fellow students alike.

The following teachers that I have listed below, are the ones I have studied with, either in workshops, retreats, classes or privately.  All of these teachers have impacted my life in a positive way, and I truly thank them all.

But, as for all these teachers, the one that has had the greatest influence upon my life is Kwan Sai Hung.  Meeting Mr. Kwan in 1992, my understanding of the Arts was thrust to a new level.  He introduced me to the complete curriculum that is his Art  and the way he was taught by the old Masters in China.  

He has the gift of teaching, being able to break down complicated Taoist and Chinese Martial Art theories and concepts, and explain them in a clear and concise way.

In 1993 & 1994, I traveled with Mr. Kwan, and began organizing his workshops and mountain and seaside retreats.  I also ran a training camp for him in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where he concentrated his teaching on the Five Animal Forms of Shaolin, a hard Kung Fu Style.  He taught this at a deep level, explaining the breathing patterns and sound techniques of the various animals, (dragon, crane, snake, tiger and leopard).

In 1996, I opened and owned a traditional Kung Fu School for Mr. Kwan to teach at, this was in Boston, MA.  He taught day-long classes, covering training in his complete Art, there being different sets of Qigong, Internal Styles of Tai Chi, Xing Yi and BaGua, along with training in External Kung Fu and conditioning.  He also spent time with his students on Taoist Meditation, and lectures on Taoist Philosophy, Diet and Herbs, and other facets of his Art.

As of now,  Mr. Kwan pefers seclusion to work on his advanced practices.  However, he occasionally emerges to teach Taoist Health practices in the belief that the benefits of these Arts should be made available to all people.

I have now been studying and pondering over his Art for over 26 years, and now it is time for me to start the mission of preserving and passing on the legacy of Mr. Kwan's teachings, in the way he taught me, so I may help people of all ages reap the benefits of his Art.  

                                                                                                 Thank You, Sifu.

                            Kwan Sai Hung  and Meridyth Rancourt - July of 1995

                                                         Teachers and Experiences

Chinese Kenpo Karate, starting at twelve years old, with Sensei Charles Mattera 

Research and learning privately as a teen

Met GrandMaster Chan Poi in 1978, and in July of 1979, started training in Wah Lum Tam Tui Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu.  I received instruction from GrandMaster Chan, Yao and Dorri Li, and the advanced generation of practitioners.  My practice there continued through the 1980's.  This set the foundation for my External Martial Art training in  forms, weaponry (staff, double broadswords, staight sword, fatal flute and Kwan Do) and fighting.  Trained at Wah Lum Temple, Orlando, Florida, with GrandMaster Chan Poi on Tornado Double Broadswords and Fatal Flute Forms.   An immense thanks to Yao and Dorri Li, for all the classes and training sessions during the Wah Lum part of my journey, which set the  foundation for future studies in the Martial Arts.  I can't thank you enough.  I cherish your friendship in my life.

Joshua Grant: Hsing I Chuan form

Steve Krischel: Meditation Instruction

He Wei Qi:  Jian(Straight Sword) Instruction

Joe Lewis:  American Karate - Style Fighting Instruction

Yuanming Zhang:  Tai Chi Fighting Applications

***Kwan Sai Hung:  Huashan Taoist Health, Meditative and Martial Arts

Liang Qiang-Ya:   Fu Zhensong Style Ba Gua Zhang

Dr. He Deguang:  Medical Qigong

Dr. Aihun Kuhn:  Tai Chi, Chinese Diet Instruction, Qigong

Qian Timing:  General Li Lineage Wudang Style Sword Instruction

Yang Jwing Ming:  Hard and Soft Qigong, Meditation Instruction

Adam Wallace:  Michael Tse Lineage Qigong Instruction

Xie Pei Qi & He Jin Bao:  Yin Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang Teachings

Huan Zhang:  Yang Tai Chi

Yang Zhen Duo & Yang Jun:  Yang Tai Chi

Fong Ha & Donald Wong:  Yiquan Teachings

Ming Wu:  Qigong, Taooist Cooking with Qi

Zhou Xuan-Yun:  Wudang Tai Chi.  Sifu Zhou, thank you for sharing your Wudang Tai Chi with me, and for being such a kind and patient teacher.  I admire you for your tireless efforts to spread your Wudang Art, and with The Daoist Benevolent Assoc., and the Xuan Ju Retreat Center, help people benefit from those practices.  I am honored to know you.

Xia Chongyi:  A  precise, caring teacher of the Wudang Daoist Arts, explanations in great detail, and a superb Daoist Sword Master

Zhong Xue Chao (Bing):  Wudang Five Animal Qigong & Wudang Tai Chi Saber.  A consummate Wudang Master, who has a caring attitude toward his students, and will go over and over again his instruction, until every student comprehends.  A great teacher.

Paul and Rosalie DiCrescenzo:  Wudang Style Instruction.  Thank you both for all your guidance and helpful ways in your teaching.  Thank you, also, for leading me to Master Bing.  All your work is definitely appreciated.

Li Siming:  Taoist Meditation and Philosophy

Yang Hai:  Hebei Lineage XingYi Quan & Meditative Teachings.  A highly skilled, knowledgable XingYi Master in the traditional Hebei Lineage.  Sifu Yang, thank you for your generosity and kindness in introducing me to your XingYi Lineage.  I am indebted to you and am grateful for your friendship.

Sifu Mai Du:  A special appreciation for Sifu Mai Du of Wah Lum Kung Fu and Tai Chi,  who, after a brief time in her presence, and after conversing with her, revived the spirit of my Wah Lum training within me.  Thank You.

***Kwan Sai Hung, ordained Taoist Monk of the Zheng-Yi School of South Peak Monastery, Huashan Mountain, China, considered the primary teacher of my life within the Taoist Health and Martial Arts.

There have been many others, fellow students, who have increased my knowledge and widened my understanding just by meeting them, training and exchanging ideas.  Whether it was a brief time or extended studies, all of the above teachers have had a  profound effect upon my life and Martial Arts journey.  I consider it an enormous privilege to have spent my time with them, and I feel immense gratitude toward all. 

This is my history up until now.